Infinitode 2 news

Build 61
16.04.2019 16:56
Longer and easier games, performance optimization. - Early waves became 1-4% easier, higher waves became MUCH easier (= more defeated waves = more items for each game) - Different types of enemies can now begin and end to appear on certain waves. Fast enemies appear on Level 3.8 only on waves 1-50. Stage 4 & 5 will have many different enemies that replace each other depending on the wave - Added Enemy Waves Timeline to the level menu, now it is possible to view which types of enemies will appear on certain waves - Performance greatly improved for game saves (no more freezes on each 5th wave) - Bug fixes
Build 60
13.04.2019 17:36
Bug fixes. - Fixed some bugs - Rewarding ad button at the Game Over screen Ads are back, please do not abuse them. Tap on ad only if you are interested in its contents. Yes, taps on ads give more profit than views but don't try to help me in this way because the second ban from Google may be permanent and I'll be forced to add third party ad providers (time wasted + app will become unreasonably heavyweight). Game will not allow more than 1 ad / 2 minutes and 7 ads / 1 hour. If you want to cheat items, use any other way but don't touch ads.
Build 59
11.04.2019 14:40
Bug fixes and balancing. - Bounty modifier can't be placed near other modifier of the same type, reduced bonus to 2% - Video ads tweaks (please do not abuse ads with third party software. If you want to cheat, use regular cheats or modded apk) - More resources and papers fot reward ads - Video ads icon near the Green Papers button is shown when ad is available - Stakey boss fixed (was way to long on user maps) - Bug reports can now be disabled on the Settings -> Advanced screen (it will help me find bugs, but don't enable them if you are using emulators / cheats) - Score is affected by Portals difficulty. 50% Portal gives 2x less score, 500% Portal gives 2x more score. Remember - Green papers prize for each game is calculated from the score - Bug fixes, tests and performance improvements
Build 57
07.04.2019 23:53
Bug fixes
Build 55
06.04.2019 18:45
New levels, enemy, boss, resources and miners. - Reduced price of level 2.1 a bit more - Wave can't be called if there are enemies from 3 waves before - New enemy - Healer, has regeneration aura - New boss - Constructor, spawns new enemies - Fixed Freezing tower effect (ended too soon) - Boss waves give 3x more coins, score and XP than regular waves - Freezing tower max freezing percentage reduced a bit - Strong enemies - health and number of enemies reduced a bit - Broot boss - health reduced a bit - Stakey boss - can't be poisoned, body parts HP re-balanced for higher waves - Bosses on custom maps appear each 20 waves - 5 new levels (3.5-4.1), Minigun tower unlocks on level 3.7 - Fixed some tower generation researches - Story line researches can now be unlocked up to Timsort: - Tensor miner & resource available - Added Magnet ability - Bounty and Power modifiers available - Bug fixes and performance improvements
Update B.54
29.03.2019 04:47
More prizes, loot and music tiles - More valuable prizes for each game (5-30% more Green Papers, more tiles, teleports & barriers with higher quality) - Some enemies drop items and Green Papers (such enemies are highlighted) - Items collected during the game are shown in the pause menu - Green Papers for current game are shown in menu of Bases - Added flying icons of items (loot from enemies and completed quests) - Much more score points for early wave calls (x5 in fact) - Minor fixes for some researches - Added few new sounds (completed quest, collected loot and auto wave calls) - Removed Sound Track tile, Sound Instrument tile and music track editor (custom maps with such tiles will be also deleted with this update, please remove these tiles if you want to keep your maps - no progress will be lost in any case). More info: - New graphics for music tiles - Music tiles appear as prize for each game or loot - Music tiles can be edited and used in Map Editor - Bug fixes and few more tweaks
Update B.53
24.03.2019 15:02
- Faster Leader boards loading - Advinas story line messages overlay replaced by subtitles when level is played for the second time or boss was already defeated - Firestorm and Smoke bomb abilities - Increased effect of researches for abilities - Reduced memory usage - New researches for Modifiers - Music for Stage 1 levels and levels 3.1-3.4 - Cleaned up Researches tree - Added MDPS counter (Max Damage Per Second of all towers, unlocked with Index Mapping research, explained in tutorial 0.4) - Abilities damage now depend on MDPS instead of enemies max health - New enemy: Armored - 3 new levels - Added shadow of towers weapon in detailed mode - Added game update notifications (one of the newest versions is required to participate in leader boards due to server-side validation) - Broot boss - remains longer and moves slower in rage - Simplified conditions for opening levels, removed price of levels in resources - Added in-text icons for clarity - Bug fixes and performance improvements
Rewarding ads
14.03.2019 19:01
Google Ads account was suspended because of invalid traffic, rewarding ads will not be available for 30 days. Suspensions are non-appealable according to Google policy, we have nothing to do here. Please do not tap on ads if you are not interested in them. Thanks.
Update B.52
13.03.2019 22:17
- Game engine updated - Faster miners installation, coins spent on Miner upgrade are considered when it is sold - Trophies 3d models done, tweaks in 3d scene in the Main menu - New sound system and music for tutorials & levels 1.1 - 1.2 - Added confirmation dialog for Music Track back button - Players will not get tiles from cases and for games which can be sold for resources they didn't open yet (not nerfed, complete the story line and you'll unlock everything) - Changed Freezing tower generation researches requirements - Other bug fixes and some improvements
Updates delayed
13.03.2019 01:41
New update coming soon! Delay is caused by game engine update, implementation of new sound system and lots of bugfixes. Thanks for testing Infinitode 2!