Infinitode 2 news

1.8 Open Beta will start soon!
07.04.2021 14:21
Update 1.8 Open Beta test will start soon, stay tuned to the news to not miss a chance to participate!
Update 1.7.13
03.06.2020 15:09
Live leaderboard, unlimited farming and few other cool features
Update 1.7.12
06.05.2020 11:56
Shooting sounds, seasonal leader board, new tower and bug fixes
Update 1.7.11
01.04.2020 12:54
Bug fixes
Update 1.7.7
12.03.2020 01:34
Free Double Gain, Research tickets, Lucky shot and performance improvements.
Update 1.7.4
01.03.2020 09:14
More statistics, coins and bug fixes
Update 1.7.3
29.02.2020 12:08
Performance optimization, in-game browser and bug fixes
Update 1.7.0
17.02.2020 17:25
Prestige, daily loot, notifications and music player. - Added 5 bonus levels for stages 1-5 and one new super hard one for the Endgame stage. Bonus levels are limited to 70-80 waves and give great rewards - New tile: Boss, allows to configure boss waves or even disable it, appears as a legendary loot and can be used to build custom maps - Half of quests in Endless mode give bonus Bit dust - New item (Prestige token) and Prestige research branch which increases loot rarity / gives more green papers per game / unlocks 3-rd (or even 4-th) slot for quests per game / increases quests rewards. Prestige tokens can be obtained for resetting quests & selling custom maps - Custom maps can be sold for Prestige tokens, difficult maps and good games on custom maps will allow you to sell your maps for up to 300% price - Added Daily loot - complete particular regular quests every day to get extra loot. Rewards grow endlessly - Main menu was redesigned so we can put more buttons there ;) - New research nodes for star branch - Added music player to the main menu, now you can change menu music to any song used on regular levels / daily quest levels / custom maps and to ignore map music - Base tiles that disable research can now appear with "max upgrade level of towers" bonus - Fixed: Constructor will not create Healers - Added bonus loot for viewing in-game rewarding ads. Ad icon can be turned off in settings to play as usual - Added more settings to the pause menu - Fixed: no more Green keys in rewarding ads - Upgrade all (long tap on Upgrade button) - confirmation dialog now also tells how many coins it would cost to upgrade all towers - Portals were limited in count - max 8 portals on one map - still a lot but doesn't kill economics too fast - Decreased price of chests in keys - Added Android notifications on chest decryption and finished crafting, can be turned off in settings - Custom maps can be renamed - Added confirmation dialog when saved game exists and player tries to make a research (which will erase saved game) - Quests can be skipped - Many UI tweaks, bug fixes and performance improvements News can now be translated through the site ( into any language available in game.
Update 1.6.3
06.12.2019 08:49
Lower prices for research, chest decryption queue, new recipes and bug fixes. - Prices of all researches were reduced by 15-25%, prices in blueprints were greatly reduced (especially in Special blueprints). Each level of research now has fewer different items in price. - Completely removed time requirements for researching, tower generation researches can now be installed instantly (also fixed issue #276) - Added Decryption queue and corresponding research - now you can queue up to 3 chests and they will be unpacked in order automatically. - Fixed: crafting queue didn't move to the next item in the list (issue #304). - Encrypted chests now always contain additional blueprints. - Added 2 new crafting recipes for Core tiles. - Recipe changed: Blueprint chest now requires Special III (Epic) blueprint instead of Special IV (Legendary) - "Batteries capacity" research for Laser now also increases its damage. - Increased performance of Tesla tower chain lightnings If you have lots of resources but running low on blueprints, remember that blueprints can be found in chests and resources can be sold: Thanks to everyone for suggestions and feedback! Decryption queue was a nice one and we have managed to spot a bottleneck with special blueprints thanks to your issue reports.
Update 1.6.0
28.11.2019 07:05
Inventory, lots of loot and much more. !!! Don't miss the secret code: xw4q4h - Items now have 5 rarity tiers and are highlighted in different colors - New item type: Blueprint, can be used for Research - New item: Ability token (Epic) - restores all abilities for free, can be used manually - Much more loot for every game - Loot gets revealed at the end of a game - Resources and Blueprints can be sold - Added new kind of Item chests - encrypted chests. Encrypted chests also contain Green Papers and appear as a regular loot (can be decrypted in inventory). Players can keep up to 5 encrypted chests in inventory and unlimited amount of decrypted ones - Item chests were completely rebalanced, good chests will give good items (no more Road tiles in 100% "Random tile packs" etc) and may contain any type of item available in the game (not only tiles and resources) - Miners can mine loot from the ground but only if there are no "Mining" modifiers nearby. Mining speed was slightly reduced for miners of higher tier, high tier miners can mine low tier resources faster - Added much better prizes for most regular quests - New item type: Chest key - collect 15 keys of the same color to exchange them for one decrypted chest of the same color - Shop menu was redesigned, added new chests and ability to exchange chests for keys - Tower stats can be viewed on the Research screen (select research node for a particular tower) - Added inventory (cyan button on the left side of screen) - view, sell, use, craft and decrypt items here - Added crafting - now it is possible to combine resources into better ones, upgrade tiles, get new blueprints etc) - Added 4 new epic and legendary Core tiles (use crafring to get them) - Added more details to Base tiles icon - Game over overlay now shows how many stars were scored on level - New items: Rarity and Loot tokens - give +50% to loot rarity and amount accordingly. Loot token gives a bonus for 12 hours while Rarity token gives bonus for the next game, can not be used manually Other significant changes but without pictures: - Many new daily quest levels (delayed by few days to make sure players have updated to the last version) - Added Mining speed research - UI tweaks - smaller loot icons, more compact UI components, new animations etc - Removed tile upgrade button on Map editor screen, tiles can now be upgraded through Crafting. - Saved games should now load (continued) faster, fixed memory issue which made it impossible to load long running games. Now it should be safe to quit a game while game is loading (it will not get cut in the middle next time) - Cloud saved games can now be loaded only by the owner to prevent account sharing abuse (progress must be loaded from cloud or be reset in case player switched accounts) - Nickname can be changed (look for pen icon near your nickname on the Account screen). Warning - each player has limited quota of nickname changes. Balance: - Bases will give less Green Papers for score and 3x more for playing time, still papers now can also be gained by selling new items & resources, will appear in encrypted chests and drop in larger portions as regular loot - Enemies can now also drop blueprints / keys / bit dust / accelerators / chests etc. - Towers max XP level at the start of the game is increased from 3 to 4 - Everything in research tree, except the story line branch, is unlocked from the start of the game - Source tiles for custom maps now contain more resources and appear more frequently in loot and chests - Venom tower - damage increased by 20% - Sniper tower - range reduced on high upgrade levels (was too huge and made no sense) - Fixed Splash (, now it should be quite effective - Smoke bomb ability now lasts twice as long - Research tree got heavily rebalanced, effects got x1.5-x3 more powerful (so as their price). Now each research level should look much more meaningful - Towers can be sold for their full price for 9 seconds after they are built. Doesn't work in case tower did any damage or was upgraded - Rewarding video ads now also give keys for chests. Amount of papers and resources depends on global statistics of player and should give prizes for 10-20 minutes of game. - Enemies will turn off towers they walk over (for maps where enemies can walk on platforms) Performance and fixes: - Fixed music on some levels - Removed cached music for Android devices due to device-specific issues and looping problems. Music will run on a default live synthesizer which was better optimized for lower battery usage - Optimized performance of projectiles and particles - Games can now be continued no matter which difficulty mode is selected - Many fixes and tweaks for better stability, performance and user experience