Infinitode 2 news

Rewarding ads
14.03.2019 19:01
Google Ads account was suspended because of invalid traffic, rewarding ads will not be available for 30 days. Suspensions are non-appealable according to Google policy, we have nothing to do here. Please do not tap on ads if you are not interested in them. Thanks.
Update B.52
13.03.2019 22:17
- Game engine updated - Faster miners installation, coins spent on Miner upgrade are considered when it is sold - Trophies 3d models done, tweaks in 3d scene in the Main menu - New sound system and music for tutorials & levels 1.1 - 1.2 - Added confirmation dialog for Music Track back button - Players will not get tiles from cases and for games which can be sold for resources they didn't open yet (not nerfed, complete the story line and you'll unlock everything) - Changed Freezing tower generation researches requirements - Other bug fixes and some improvements
Updates delayed
13.03.2019 01:41
New update coming soon! Delay is caused by game engine update, implementation of new sound system and lots of bugfixes. Thanks for testing Infinitode 2!
Update B.51
07.03.2019 17:38
- Bug fixes - Tweaks for better debug process
Update B.50
04.03.2019 19:07
- Last news link in the main menu - Simple menu for Sound instrument and Sound track tiles - Reduced number of possible views of rewarded videos per minute - Fixed: stage 2 of levels was not shown after completion of level 1.8 - Bug fixes
Update B.48
03.03.2019 23:45
Update B.46
03.03.2019 22:02
- Larger fonts option (Settings -> Advanced) - Ability to skip tutorials - Tutorial fixes & tweaks - Lowered requirements for level 1.8, reduced price for level 2.1 - Fixed towers experience generation - Improved Heavy Shell ability of Blast tower - Packs can't be purchased till level 2.1 opened - Bug fixes Thanks for feedback! Beta test continues. P.s. 1,000 more slots will be added with the next update.
Open Beta starts! Version B45
01.03.2019 22:00
Public Beta of Infinitode 2 starts now! Join here: (Will be available only for first 1,000 players to keep servers happy, more slots later) Kind regards
Build 43
27.02.2019 19:56
Changelist: - Minor UI tweaks - Additional score points are given for the sum of coins + coins spent on buildings (shown as "+123" near the score) - Added daily quests (offline version) - Sound track editor fixes - Fixed tutorial 0.4 (miner can't be built before Advinas asks for it) - Created new trophy models and previews - Bug fixes This is the last Alpha-version (I hope) before Open Beta. Please stay up to the news on official Facebook page, Beta starts March 1st.
Build 42
21.02.2019 14:52
Changelist: - Score given for each mined resource (50pt for Scalar, 60pt for Vector...) - Added Leader boards for all levels. Games are validated on the server before results are shown in leaderboards - Leader board button with current rank on the level selection overlay - Top 3 players by score are shown over level cells - Leader board rank is shown on the game over overlay (preliminary). Same rank will appear on the leader board after server-side validation in case no cheats were used (games with high score have higher priority in the validation queue, low-score games will take more time to apper in the leader board) - Some bugs fixed, improved performance a bit "build41" secret code is still available