Infinitode 2 news

Update 1.4.0
23.07.2019 20:18
Google Sign in, bug fixes, performance improvements and new translations - Loading screen updated - Light (2D) version of main menu scene for low-end devices or faster game loading (advanced setting) - Many bugs fixed, improved performance - Added Google Sign In - German, French and Ukrainian community translations Update 1.4.1 - Added stains that appear after killed enemies (can be disabled in settings) - Enemies flash on hit
Update 1.3.0
12.07.2019 19:13
New branch of Research and many tweaks. - New branch of Research only for Papers and stars from level; players can now research from the start of the game - Daily quests can now be continued (comes in a few days, need to wait before players update) - Music and sounds can be toggled from the pause menu - Auto wave call now starts when all enemies from the current wave are killed (can be disabled in Settings) - UI tweaks - Turkish community translation, fixes for other languages from the community - Bug fixes
Update 1.2.3
26.06.2019 20:13
Bug fixes and invite codes. - Added invite codes (Account screen) - Leader boards performance optimization - Flamethrower no longer aiming at Healer - Fixed: Discord link - Fixed: music tile menu - Fixed: UI bugs in enemy waves timeline - Fixed: towers stop aiming after Mobchain boss reach target - Other bug fixes Share your invite codes with other new players to get bonus Item Packs. You'll get Green / Purple / Orange pack each time each player invited by you plays for 1h / 5h / 25h. (Note: invited players must be signed in and have Internet connection enabled; time is calculated server-side based on game replay records; prizes are not given for the in-game "Time played" statistic)
Update 1.2.0
19.06.2019 16:02
Flamethrower, new Research and translations. - Added Traditional Chinese community translations - Fixed other translations - Damage of Venom tower increased by 20% - Splash tower now deals 150% damage to the Toxic enemies - Levels 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 - Unlocked research for Flamethrower, Nuke ability, Mining speed and Experience modifiers - Added links to the "About" screen (Discord, Reddit) - Bug fixes Game became ~1Mb heavier because of new fonts for Traditional Chinese. Thanks to everyone who worked on translations! The most active translators will soon receive personal secret codes. If you found an error in translations please use this site to suggest a fix (tap on "Help us translate").
Update R.1.1
04.06.2019 09:22
Easier Boss on 1.8 and many improvements - App can be installed on SD card - Boss on level 1.8 became easier to beat - Light enemies now appear on custom maps - Added Nuke ability (research coming soon, currently used in daily quests) - Items can be upgraded in stacks in map editor (long tap on upgrade button) - Added "Waves" button to the Portal menu, shows next 100 enemy waves info - Ball lightning ability - damage increased by 50% - Splash tower "Penetrating bullets" - damage increased from 0.75 to 0.9 - Towers can gain XP up to LVL 100 (research coming soon, currently used in daily quests) - FIxed crash on tutorial 0.2 - UI, translations and some bugs fixed
Update R.1.0
30.05.2019 04:31
Game released on Google Play! - Added pt_BR localizations - Fixed Spanish localization a bit - Bug fixes and tweaks
Build 78
27.05.2019 03:21
Bug fixes - Added server side real time game validation (to find cross-platform synchronization bugs) - Minigun "Foundation" ability now also replaces Burn buff of LVL 10 ability "Hot bullets" by Poison - Bug fixes
Build 75
21.05.2019 04:07
Many fixes, Splash buffed, faster mining. - Splash tower now deals 30% more damage - Added self-testing mechanism (see details below) - Double mining speed after wave calls (see details below) - Ball lightning ability cooldown reduced to 5s - Added music for level 5.1 - Many bugs fixed (mostly synchronization bugs that did harm to leaderboards) Self-testing (Settings -> Advanced -> Self debug): Runs each game frame twice - first as usual and then in local headless server. If anything differs (for example, direction of some projectile is not the same in both environments) game crashes and sends a bug report with details to the developer (don't be afraid of crashes, most things are already fixed). If you run a game with "Self debug" turned on and game didn't crash, you can be 100% sure your score will be the same in leaderboard. Please turn it on to help development. It requires more calculations and can lead to lower FPS. Also if you have issues with "Self debug" mode please just it off and contact the developer. Double mining speed (Players on Reddit asked for this feature): Each time wave is called early, all miners get double mining / installation speed. Duration of double speed effect depends on time saved by wave calls. For example, if you call a wave 10 seconds earlier, all your miners will get double mining speed for the next 10 seconds.
Build 74
18.05.2019 21:23
Infiar resource, new levels and boss. - Minigun loses 33% speed instead of 50% on new target - Increased Windstorm ability effect - New boss - Mobchain - New ability - LOIC - Added subtitles to the latest levels - Levels 4.8, 5.1 - Bonus effects added to level 1.8 quests - Bug fixed: when restarting the game on the user map, no abilities were shown - Added the last resource - Infiar! - Other bug fixes
Build 71
15.05.2019 02:07
Fixes. - Attempt to fix game crash when miner is built - Changed music on level 4.2 - More Papers and Resources for video ads - Fixes in Spanish i18n - Fixed UI for new localizations - Bug fixes