Infinitode 2 news

Update 1.8.3
23.06.2021 08:16
Prestige dust, Research ticket crafting, QoL improvements and bug fixes
Update 1.8.2
22.05.2021 13:32
New translations, more bonuses in research, bug fixes and QOL improvements
Update 1.8.1
15.05.2021 16:03
No f2p timers, new Sources with Infiar on the early levels, UI scaling, bug fixes.
Update 1.8.0
06.05.2021 20:24
Season 2, release on Steam and iOS, new balance, lots of new features and fixes After almost 9 months of development, we can finally bring this big update to you and begin the second season! Today Infinitode 2 will be available on two more platforms - PC (Steam) and iOS - your progress and leaderboards will be synchronized with them. Thanks to all the beta testers and players who have supported us in many ways! The most active testers will receive badges for participation in a few days. Special thanks to: TC_Aka, TC_Apocalypse, ZS_Dense, EuphoRowan, Swoosh, ZS_kaymo, Leo328, Septune, ZS_Tazunipa, TC_Sprylos, Sammy4798, EyeBallin, marshallua, Zeraco Congratulations to the absolute leaders of the first season! - chunfuchow - 1st place - TC_Apocalypse - 2nd place - Extrap - 3rd place Over the next few days, we will be adding the Season 1 Leaderboards archive and giving badges & prizes to the participants. Short list of changes (TL;DR): - Steam and iOS version of the game. Your progress can be synced between the platforms at any time - Games can now be continued instantly, no need to wait for long frame loading - More score is now given for early wave calls, killed enemies and cleared waves. Miners generate less score, removed extra score for coins on hand, 40% more Green Papers are given for the score - Every tower got a completely unique Ultimate Ability and the "Powerful" ability that can be unlocked at level 20 - Towers and enemies were heavily rebalanced, also fixed bosses immunity and made them more balanced - Season 2 will start and leaderboards will be reset. Season 1 players will get rewards according to their ranks - Added player profiles with pictures, account levels and badges - Fixed Blast's and Freezing tower's stunlock issues - Miners now continue working on custom maps even when the source tile is depleted - Abilities now use an energy pool instead of individual cooldowns, which allows to use the same ability few times in a row. Also added additional effects to the abilities - Greatly improved Laser tower, Flamethrower, Anti-air and some of the others - Regular enemies became more vulnerable to some towers and have less HP on a higher waves - 191 new unique research (47% more than before) for abilities of the towers, modifiers, miners and bonuses like "passive coin generation", "loot frequency" and "bit dust drop rate" - Increased max level for many of the Endless mode research. Endless mode difficulty can be increased up to a point when you can farm millions of papers per minute - Fixed lots of bugs: attack speed cap, MDPS farming, inventory lags and crashes, cores XP generation rate etc. - Everything had been heeeavily optimized, which made it possible to implement this next feature: - Highest game speed increased from x3 to x4 - faster runs, faster farming, less boredom - Added many QoL features like live statistics, replay viewer, more info in detailed mode etc - Added diverse Achievements, not based on grinding - Graphics became more smooth and clean, added many visual effects - 4 new scripted levels for stage 6 with brand new mechanics - Gauss tower is now fully unlockable for use on all stages and has a research tree - Crusher tower is now fully unlockable for use on all stages and has a research tree. Crusher grabs and chews enemies or even forces them to attack your enemies - Added dozens of features for map/mod makers that are already used in new storyline levels - You will no longer need to use text files - No extra ads nor payments were added, everything listed here can be unlocked easily and for free - More than 100 bugs were fixed during the Beta test Complete list of changes: - View on Reddit - - View on Steam - On top of that, a few changes were made during the beta test: - Added code to diagnose some bugs, game should now report full logs in case of crash. Added "report reason" field to the "Send logs" settings option - Desync check - heavily optimized memory usage and performance. Please try to enable it on level 6.3, it has some synchronization issues - Gauss and Crusher towers can now be unlocked on the level called "rumble" - Added music for level 6.4 - The account screen now shows a hint if you have not set a password for your account and allows to set a new password to sign in on any platform - "One" Boss tiles will now appear for every boss type (not only Broot) in the Lucky wheel but you will have to meet the corresponding boss on the regular levels first - Custom Boss tiles (Hard / Easy etc) will appear on the Lucky wheel only if the player has met all types of bosses. Amount of Boss tiles is no longer affected by the x2/x3 multipliers - Bossess will appear (again) on the custom maps. Player has to meet the boss on the regular levels for it to appear on a custom map - Removed "Show info about enemy types" button from the Settings - The labels with player nicknames now have a dynamic font size and will cut nicknames that are too long - Changed the requirements of "Mad scientist" and "Trophy hunder" achievements - Coins generated by the disoriented enemies (produced by the Crusher's ult) will now be shown in the tower's menu - Disoriented enemies now affect the MDPS - Increased score cap (max 2,147M), score won't be reset to zero when its value is too high (useful for the endless mode) - Fixed two bugs in map editor and live leaderboards that caused crashes - Added a slider for the endless mode to adjust its difficulty - Gauss: charging speed reduced by 10%; now has 100% efficiency vs Regular enemies (150% previously) and 50% efficiency vs Healers (100% previously) - Tesla: can no longer attack Fighters - Minigun: now loses only 15% of its "heat" instead of 33% when switches its target; cools down with x2 speed (x3 previously) - Laser: damage increased by 10% - Multishot: damage increased by 15% - Missile: damage increased by 20%; LRM aiming progress won't be reset when the current target is lost; Ultimate ability increases Outweighted shells damage instead of damaging an enemies with 100% hp - Blast: max 4 stuns per enemy instead of 5; stun duration increases 15% slower with every XP level of the tower - Freezing: each consecutive snowball will stun the enemy for a shorter period of time (just like Blast does); max 6 snowball hits instead of 8 - Fast enemy: slows down by 5% instead of 3% per "Poisoned" debuff, min speed is 25% (same as before) - Icy enemy: receives 50% more damage from the "Burning" debuff; can be frozen by Freezing towers when its shild is broken (50% max freezing percentage according to the Freezing - Icy efficiency) - Abilities energy regenerates every 60s instead of 40s (experimental) - All modifiers will return 75% of their price if sold in less than 5 minutes since built - Crusher: ultimate ability gives no more than 4x of the enemy's value, coins drop rate depends on the distance traveled; disorientation happens when the enemy receives damage equal to 33% of its max HP or when it is the time to release it; price of upgrades grows with each upgraded Crusher (just like in Miners); disoriented enemies do not affect MDPS; released enemies receive 60% immunity from Crushers instead of 50% previously - Minor UI changes on the Account screen - Endless mode research requires different resources, not only Infiar. The amount of required resources is reduced by 20%
Server maintenance
05.05.2021 12:50
The server will be down for a few hours - we are preparing it for the update 1.8
1.8 Open Beta will start soon!
07.04.2021 14:21
Update 1.8 Open Beta test will start soon, stay tuned to the news to not miss a chance to participate!
Update 1.7.13
03.06.2020 15:09
Live leaderboard, unlimited farming and few other cool features
Update 1.7.12
06.05.2020 11:56
Shooting sounds, seasonal leader board, new tower and bug fixes
Update 1.7.11
01.04.2020 12:54
Bug fixes
Update 1.7.7
12.03.2020 01:34
Free Double Gain, Research tickets, Lucky shot and performance improvements.