Java MessageFormat test

Run Java's MessageFormat to see if the specified string gets formatted correctly.
MessageFormat info

You can also use one of the existing patterns:

Infinitode 2 uses localization features of LibGDX but is also able to include strings into other strings with [@other_string_alias] and icon textures with <@texture-name>
Things it can't do:

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Tags explained:

Format tags ({0-9}) cheat sheet

Each format tag is encapsulated into {} and the first thing inside of it is a digit from 0 to 9, which is basically a name of a variable (actually it is called an index of an argument but whatever).
For example, if we take a string "Tower deals {0} damage and costs {1} coins", the game will replace {0} with some damage number and {1} with the cost of the tower. If we swap those tags, the resulting string will no longer make a sense, so it is important to pay attention to what each variable means.
Note: variable {0} is used in the list below but it can be anything like {1}/{4}... too.

Don't make format tags more specific when you print them as a number - if the original tag is {0}, leave it as {0} even if you think it should be a {0,number,integer} or something else.
The reason is, variables are not always numbers even if they look like numbers in the result. The game pre-formats numbers in many strings and inserts them as a string, which will not work if you try to format them as a number.