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Infinitode is an Infinite Tower Defense (TD), classic strategy game with endless enemy waves and huge maps.

The sequel is in development - find out more in the Infinitode 3 Development Blog


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About the game

A strategy in the Tower Defense genre, in which the player will have to build towers to protect his base from endless waves of enemies.

The player will be a volunteer in the Artificial Intelligence training program and will gradually discover new towers, abilities and ways to mine resources, as well as upgrade almost everything he wants to defeat bosses and move on in the campaign.

Key features

Infinitode 2 Icon
Free, IAPs not required (for real)
Infinitode 2 game base
No compulsory advertising
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Game size: ~15-25 Mb*
Infinitode 2 Icon
No Internet or registration required
* On Android. Game size may increase slightly for iOS / PC version
  • A huge research tree of 300+ unique upgrades, almost every one of which can be improved to infinity
  • Storyline - 50+ levels with different features, 20+ unique discoveries, 5 bosses
  • 100% cheating protection in leaderboards
  • Map editor where you can build a huge map for 500+ towers. Unique pieces for your maps can be obtained during any game.
  • There is no “energy” in the game or anything that makes you wait - you can start the game and farm a bunch of items at any moment
  • You can win this game! And continue to play further
  • 15+ different types of towers, each with different abilities and upgrades
  • 8 additional buildings that give bonuses to neighboring structures
  • 36+ trophies that also give bonuses to the player
  • Each level has its own music, which is not repeated. Over 50 unique Chiptune songs from keygens and installers, as well as a convenient player to listen to any of them
  • Live leaderboards at every level, free seasonal competitions with hundreds of thousands of players
  • Mining of resources from sources during the game
  • Many additional features - detailed statistics for each game, three difficulty modes, inventory, crafting, daily competitions, etc.


Infinitode 2 game base
The player has to defend his base from the endless waves of enemies.

To do this, he will have to build towers suitable for different situations.

For example, Snipers and Machineguns may be used for the extermination of powerful enemies, Guns and Flamethrowers for a dense crowd.

Blasts and Freezing Towers stun and slow down enemies.

Each tower can be upgraded up to 10 times and receives bonuses from Modifiers.

The towers also gain experience, which further increases their power and allows the player to choose unique abilities, like for heroes in RPG games.

The player will unlock new types of towers and confront new types of enemies or bosses while moving through the storyline.

Each type of tower is effective against certain enemies. Towers should be combined to find victory tactics.

Miners can be used to mine resources during the game.

Resources are used for Research in order to permanently upgrade the characteristics of towers, miners, discover new abilities and more.

The game has 5 stages of levels, at the end of each - a battle with an unique boss. Passing the storyline opens up new bonus levels and game modes.

The game does not end there - the player may continue to improve his research tree and compete for unique prizes in the leaderboard for pleasure and glory.


  • Community maps (probably with scripts)
  • Developer mode
  • Further balance tweaks, bug fixes and QoL improvements



To download all the icons, logos, models of towers and other game elements in PSD format, click on the link below.

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