Terms and Conditions

We introduce these simple rules in order to make the experience of playing Infinitode safe and enjoyable for every player. Please read them carefully - we did our best to make them concise and human-readable, and they may help you avoid unpleasable situations.

To avoid repeating ourselves throughout this page, here's a list of concepts:

  • we / our / us - means Prineside and the development team working on Infinitode
  • you / user / player - any user of Infinitode and any other software / services provided by Prineside to whom these terms apply

These terms apply anyone who uses Infinitode (1 & 2) or any of the related software provided by us (such as developer mode tools / editors etc.)

Our part and responsibilities

We share Infinitode and Infinitode 2 to everyone for free, to play and enjoy it in any way that does not brake these rules.

We are a small team and can't give you 100% guarantee everything will work perfectly and, most likely, some of the actions won't happen immediately / may be reasonably delayed, but we'll do our best to take these next responsibilities to the best of our ability.

We'll do our best to...

  • Inform you whenever some important change happens to these terms and conditions through our blog or through the means provided by our games
  • Make sure our software will cause no harm to your device or data. This does not apply to any of the third party content (for example, community maps you may download from other players) and some of the unsafe features of our software (for example, developer mode). We will notify you and will show a confirmation prompt if some of the content / some particular feature may be unsafe and relieves us of any liability.
  • Keep our software stable, working and bug-free - you can notify us about any bug you find on an Inssue Tracker and we'll try to fix them asap, according to their severity. Please note that there may be device-specific bugs we won't be able to reproduce and fix
  • Make any kind of competition between our players fair and prevent cheating. These are some of the measures we have already taken for Infinitode 2:
    • Every game replay that gets to the leaderboards is being validated by our servers and it is not possible to cheat anything there. Note: does not apply to third party content, only to those maps / content available by default in our game
    • Default leaderboards, daily quests, regular events and seasonal leaderboards are validated by our servers and are limited by the maxed regular research tree, which sould be obtainable in a meaningful time with no in-app purchases
    • Skill Points, profile level, profile badges and any other item / currency / statistics accounted by our servers can not be obtained by cheats

    Infinitode 2 is mainly a single player game and can't be completely cheat-free, we'd like to inform you of some things that still can be abused and we are aware of them:
    • Any item except those accounted by our servers (for example: Green Papers, Accelerators, tickets, tiles and cases) can be cheated as they are stored locally on a player's device
    • Research tree (as it requires items that can be cheated). Note: it is not possible to cheat past the regular research tree in any leaderboards except Endless Mode leaderboards, meaning cheats won't get any advantage over any player who has a maxed out regular Research tree (including the Star branch). Daily quests and levels with disabled research tree guarantee equal competition between fair and cheating players
    • Local statistics (those seen on the Statistics screen) can also be manipulated, although there's not much reason to that. Note: our servers only account an actual statistics from the replays and they can not be manipulated

    In short, considering you are a fair player and there are (always) some players who use cheats, here's what to expect:
    • Daily quests and levels that disable Research guarantee you a 100% fair competition regardless of your progress
    • Playing any level in Normal mode gives you 100% fair competition if you have your regular Research tree maxed out. Note: you don't have to research the Prestige branch and some other nodes that do not give per-game advantage as they are mainly targeted on item farming and the speed of progression, so as all of the research for any tower / modifier / miner you are not planning to use
    • Seasonal leaderboards should be treated exactly as the leaderboards in Normal mode
    • Endless mode leaderboards are limited by a maxed out Endless research tree, meaning cheats give much more advantage there. Endless mode leaderboards are not accounted for the Seasonal leaderboards and are here just for fun. If you are patient enough and have managed to max out your Endless research tree, you'll play in the same (fair) conditions as any other player who may cheat as Endless mode replays are also being validated by our servers
  • Take your feedback into account and listen to your suggestions and requests. Note: this does not guarantee we'll implement your idea - some ideas may not fit the current design of the game or simply are too difficult to implement or maintain
  • Make sure the game will be fully functional and all of the items required for progression will be available without in-app purchases (IAP) or rewarding ads, also you'll not have to "grind" for such items to the point it becomes more of an actual job than a game. Note: the game was designed to be played for a long time and bring joy through a constant progression. Also this may not apply to any feature that does not relate to a local game (for example, additional features that increase server computation demands or manual validation of community maps - such things would require us to order new servers and hire more people)
  • Provide support through the email listed on the Contacts page
  • Do not collect your personal data and prevent third party software from doing so without your allowance. You can read the Privacy Policy for more info
  • Store your cloud saves for up to 6 months from the moment you upload them and provide a secret code / refund compensation if your in-cloud progress is being lost due to the technical issues on our side.

We don't care if you cheat

But remember: most probably, cheating will insta-kill your pleasure and interest in the game (just in case you have never cheated before).

Infinitode is mostly a single-player game and we really don't care how you'll get your dose of joy - some players really find it more enjoyable to break some toy into parts and figure out how it works. As long as it does not violate a copyright, follows a common sense and does not do harm to others, you are good to go.

We do not encourage you to cheat - actually, we suggest you not to do so, unless you have a maxed out research tree, hundreds of in-game time and have achieved some high leaderboard places. Only when there's nothing more to take from the game, it would be beneficial to squeeze some more with cheats.

If the game feels too slow to progress, try switching to some other platform (Steam -> Android or iOS), build a custom map, take part in some competition, compete on the leaderboards or simply wait for another update with more content. Cheating is a last resort, but we'll not mind.

Rule #0 - never mess with the server

It may sound funny but it is also a foundation for most of the rules that may get you in trouble. In short, whatever you do (cheating / modifying the game etc) - make sure our servers are not aware of that. If you don't know how some particular cheat or action affects the server, please do an investigation first - most probably, we'll not take an "I did not know" excuse

Luckily, we can say for sure which actions may result in your account / device being banned and how to avoid that:

  • Avoid third party software which forges in-app purchases (Lucky Patcher and similar). We don't care if you receive the items for these artificial purchases but all of your transactions are being sent to our server and it knows if they are valid. More importantly, it takes some computational time for our (and Google's) servers to validate those invalid transactions, also pollutes our database with the meaningless data. Solution: use direct memory manipulation or dev mode (no, sorry, we'll not explain how)
  • Avoid auto-clickers and any other method of constantly replaying the same levels over and over again. All of such replays take server's time to be validated and can be easily detected (as the replays are basically the same). Besides the fact that lots of replays will consume the server's computing power needed for a normal replays of the other players, it may affect your profile XP / level and it may upset some other players
  • Do not upload NSFW and provocative profile pictures, use appropriate nickname. Other people see that and may find your PFP offensive or inappropriate - we don't want that
  • Don't do anything that may harm our servers - such things as traffic spamming, password bruteforcing and any other kind of abuse. That's probably the most obvious thing but still we had to mention it
To make sure no data is being sent to the server (while cheating):
  • Always play as a Guest
  • On Desktop, consider Modding mode (ask Discord)
  • Do not use third party / "universal" software which hacks in-app purchases or ads

Your account may be banned and we are allowed to refuse to un-ban it, also won't provide a refund for anything if:

  • Our servers receive invalid transaction reports generated by third party software
  • Our servers receive unusual traffic (too many or forged requests) coming from your account
  • Our servers detect attemts to cheat on profile statistics (player XP / badge progress etc)
  • Our servers detect replay-spamming (auto-clickers or constant re-sending of the same replay)
  • Our servers receive lots of replays where cheating / modified game is detected (note: read above how to avoid this)
  • You use NSFW / provocative / inappropriate for some audiences profile pictures or nicknames

How bans work

When your account gets banned, our servers will refuse to provide most of the functionality required for player-to-player and player-to-server communication, including cloud saves, leaderboards, replay validation or even signing in.

The game will remain fully functional for a single player usage and all of your progress will remain on your local device but we will not take responsibility for any data being lost.

Account removal

We do not remove accounts in any case, even the banned ones. We may change account's nickname and profile picture if it violates these terms.

If you want your account removed (for example, due to some concerns regarding your personal data), contact us by email. We will remove your email / password hash, any running sessions and other links to you or your device from the database, leaving no trace. If you wish, you can change your nickname and profile picture before requesting data removal. Please note: we do not remove all of the data of your account, we only make it inaccessible and not linked to you in any way - all of the data that remains is required only for a proper functionality of our servers and is not related to you or your device in any way.

Your data / progress integrity and safety

Infinitode is a single player game, meaning all of your progress is being stored on your device and, unfortunately, it is your responsibility to keep it safe as we normally don't receive nor store it on our side.

You can create an account and use Cloud saves feature to make a copy of your local progress onto our servers. We provide this feature for free and will do our best to store your progress for up to 6 months. You can use Cloud saves to synchronize your progress between your devices and to backup it.

  • We will do our best to keep your cloud saves safe and valid for the duration mentioned above. In case your cloud save is being lost during this period, contact us and we will try to restore your progress.
  • We also provide a backup service free of charge, it works automatically. In case you have lost your progress and have not saved it into the cloud, try using the "Lost progress" option on your account screen.
  • The server will store your progress as-is. It means that if you have corrupted your local progress in any way (for example, manually edited the save file / used 3rd party software or a modified game) and have saved it on the Cloud, it will still remain corrupted and not eligible for any refunds or restores.
  • If you play as a Guest or have auto-saves disabled, your progress may be lost and we are not responsible for that.
  • Remember: if you have lost / broken / switched your device and have not saved your most recent progress into the cloud, we won't be able to restore it. Make sure to backup your progress before you throw your device out of the window.
  • Accounts can't share the same progress and the game will ask you to reset your progress before you switch accounts. In order to switch to some other account safely, make sure to save your progress into the cloud first. Guest progression that has not been linked to any account before can be saved into any account.