About Infinitode 2

Infinitode is an Infinite Tower Defense game for Android (iOS and PC versions will be available later). It's main goal is to give players a vanilla tower defense game with ability to play for as long as player can stand, there's no last wave of enemies.

Tower Defense (TD) is a subgenre of strategy video game where the goal is to defend a player's base by obstructing the enemy attackers, achieved by placing towers along their path (according to this article).

Infinitode 2 is a remake of original game with new great features and lots of other improvements.


  • Free to play, no mandatory IAPs, no premium currencies.
  • No annoying ads!
  • 16 completely different types of towers.
  • Each tower gains experience, has different aiming strategies, has selectable abilities and can be upgraded.
  • 11 types of enemies with different features, 5 unique bosses.
  • 40+ levels with story line and challenging quests.
  • Map Editor - players can build their own maps from pieces they get as prizes for each game. Maps can be shared with everyone (coming soon).
  • Miners and Resources - each level has sources of different Resources, players have to build Miners to dig them out while defending from endless enemy waves.
  • Huge Researches tree (Global Upgrades) - each research affects games in different ways. Players can spend Green Papers and Resources to upgrade their towers, miners, abilities and many other things. There are more than 300 different researches with total of 2000+ upgrade levels.
  • Synthesized sounds and music, stored in maps themselves. Players can collect tiles with different music instruments, create music in fully featured track / sequence editor and share it along with their maps.
  • Minimalistic and clean graphics for better performance and comfort. Graphics and sounds can be replaced by custom Resource Packs (coming soon).
  • Modifiers - structures that affect nearby buildings and greatly increase the amount of playing strategies.
  • Huge maps - players are able to build 500+ towers, miners or modifiers on a single map.
  • Trophies - collectable (3D!) objects that are given for completion of hard quests.
  • Seamless synchronization between devices - players can play on PC, save their game to the Cloud and continue playing on Android or iOS device.
  • Tiny footprint - game's size is ~6Mb.
  • Games are saved on the go, players can continue their last running game in case an app is suddenly closed.
  • All-time and per-game detailed statistics.
  • Developer mode! Players have access to fully featured scripting language, developer console and debugging tools (requires passing the game).
  • Oh, and yes, players can win the game (game is not an endless grinding).